UPDATE 2 on CDR Puerto Rico Response

Photos are of the activity coordinated by the Instituto Universitario para el Desarrollo de las Comunidades del RUM and celebrated at the Indieras (Indiera Baja, Indiera Alta e Indiera Fría) in the town of Maricao, Puerto Rico where distribution solar lights and supplies took place.  The activity ran from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm and we impacted around 300 families.

We are making progress in our recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Two shipments of disaster relief and recovery supplies have shipped. However, a third of the Island is still without power and additional urgently needed supplies need to be shipped. We have on hand enough needed supplies to fill a shipping container.  However, we are in need of funds to pay for the shipping fees.  Please prayerfully consider making a generous contribution today.

Your prayers and donations of funds and time help save lives.

UPDATE on CDR Puerto Rico Response

CDR has sent 1200 solar laterns to Puerto Rica. Some of them being distributed to a small community of people who live on the mountains. We are also providing key areas with bags of cleaning supplies.

Please continue to lift us up in prayer as the needs far outweigh what we are able to provide presently.  And also please consider helping us with a donation so that we can continue to keep supporting the overwhelming needs before us.  Thank you.

UPDATE on Maria Response

Emergency relief supplies are on the way to Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands in response to Hurricane Maria. 

PLEASE JOIN US BY VOLUNTEERING, DONATING FUNDS, OR SENDING MATERIALS.  If interested, please see “Gifts of the Heart” on our web site.

CHRISTIAN DISASTER RESPONSE is working in cooperation with MISSION HARVEST AMERICA and GARY ADAMS INTERNATION to more effectively respond to this massive disaster.

You may make your donation securely by credit or debit card on our site: https://www.cdresponse.org/donate

or mail your check to:

Hurricane Maria Relief
PO BOX 3339
WINTER HAVEN, FL 33885-3339

For additional information, please call:
863-967-HELP (4357)

UPDATE on IRMA Response

Christian Disaster Response continues to do needs and damage assessment in South Florida where hurricane Irma did most of its damage.  We have temporary stopped feeding at our Winter Haven location due to shortage of funding to purchase more food.  We continue to distribute cleaning supplies wherever they are needed.

Prayer Requests:   

-For strength to make it through the long days that we are putting in.

-For more volunteers that can help us.

-For our funding shortage that is preventing us from meeting all the needs that have been coming in.

Thank you for your continued support.
We really appreciate it.

Urgent Need For IRMA Relief!

Please HELP!

Florida is about to be hit by the massive Hurricane named IRMA.

Christian Disaster Response is preparing to set up two Mass Care Kitchens in central Florida.  Each of these kitchens are capable of serving 5,000 meals a day.

We must purchase additional food and supplies.  Each kitchen requires $25,000 in food, supplies, LP fuel and support items.

Please help us by making a generous financial contribution, pray, and/or volunteer to serve.

Ready to Respond to Hurricane Harvey

CHRISTIAN DISASTER RESPONSE is preparing to respond with Emergency Food Service, Flood clean-up supplies, and volunteers.   We need your prayerful support to meet the disaster caused needs of families suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.   Equipment has been prepared and in staging areas ready to serve.

Please consider making a generous donation on line using the ‘Make A Donation’ button above.

Or mailing your donation using address below:

Hurricane Relief
P O BOX 3339

Volunteers and in-kind donations are also needed.
Please email cdrdirector@cs.com for information or to volunteer.

Thank you for caring and sharing.

EARTHQUAKES Continue To Shake The Phillipines

The Philippine islands have continued to be shaken by several earthquakes over the the last several days. We have and will continue to respond to the needs as they come into our office.

Please continue to pray for those affected and for needs to be disriputed as quickly as possible.  Also, you can take an active part in helping out those affected through a financial, In Kind or Gift of the Heart donation. We provide a PayPal link to ensure an easy, safe and secure way to quickly distribute funds.  Thank you for your prayers and donations.

Every Blessing
Dr. Ron Patterson
Executive Director